Sunday, January 18, 2009

Child Beauty Queen 'At Serious Risk'

Surely a mother who knew that on-line pedophiles were salivating over her daughter would do everything possible to shield her daughter and reduce the risk of her becoming an even bigger target? Think again:

The mother of a child beauty queen says paedophiles will not put her off entering more pageants. Sky News Online can exclusively report that paedophiles are already discussing 11-year-old Sasha online.

Sasha's mother, Jayne Harris, has entered her daughter into child beauty contests from an early age. She believes looks are everything -- she encourages Sasha to have regular spray tans, acrylic nails and highlights.

"Sasha is now at serious risk," said the Online Sex Offenders Community monitoring team.

Ms Harris is not affected by the news that paedophiles have been uploading pictures of her.

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Vicki said...

I have ALWAYS wondered if the
"Child Beauty Queen" thing had
anything to do with the murder of
Jon Bonet Ramsey.

Sherp said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

I watched this episode and am pretty certain the mother is loony. She is living through her daughter. Neither mother nor child were particularly attractive, and her delusions that somehow participating in this Texas pageant would make her children famous is particularly disturbing.

Dr. H said...

Yeah, the mom should be concerned about pictures being online of her daughter, but at what point do you draw the line? Do you never let your kid perform in a school concert? Because I'll guarantee that there will be a pedophile there and you won't be able to spot them. I've worked in Sexual Offender Rehab groups and I couldn't have picked a single one of them out of a crowd. You have to be smart, but not obsessive.

Also? I think beauty pageants are old fashioned notions and promote poor values.

MomOfThree said...

Wait, wait, wait....this mom is being told by a team of people who monitor known, online sex offenders that these pedophiles are collecting pictures of her minor (ELEVEN year old) daughter and she simply chalks it up to the price of being in the spotlight???? Where are the child welfare authorities here (or ANY caring, responsible adult in this child's life)? Surely, this must fall under the authority of some branch of the government? There are sick, sick predators out there who are doing God-knows-what with her images and this so-called mom, in my opinion, is just as bad for allowing/encouraging it. This child is not living in a stable, safe environment and I cannot believe that this fact is being broadly publicized and yet it is allowed to continue. Does anyone know if this situation has been investigated by the proper authorities? Is this poor girl still in her mother's care?

Some advocates of child beauty pageants may justify this story as just one isolated incident that
unfortunately gives all children's pageants a bad name. I disagree. I think that there are lots of situations like this and that this is one of the few that people know about. Pedophiles are EVERYwhere, from all walks of life, all races, all religions, rich, poor, etc. Check your local "sex offender" registry; you'll be amazed at the number and close proximity of those listed.

All children who are put on display and put through their paces all made up like grown women (or men, in boys cases)are at risk of attracting this sick type of attention. It could happen to ANY one of them and children whose parents who are ignorant to this fact are the most vulnerable.

As to where a parent draws the line to what their child participates in, there is a huge difference between an awkward 6th grader pounding out "Chopsticks" on the piano at a school assembly and a bleached-blond 6 year old with an air-brushed tan and more mascara, blush, and lipstick than the make-up counter at Macy's, swishing her hips down a makeshift runway in the ballroom of a Holiday Inn. Yes, I know that the guy sitting next to you at the school assembly could very well be #1 on the sex offender's list but I'm pretty sure your chances of ending up in the seat next to him at a kiddie pageant are a little bit greater. Many moons ago, I used to work at a hotel that on occasion hosted these pageants and please believe me when I say that some of the "audience" was just plain unnerving, in more ways than one. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You spelled pedophiles wrong in the second paragragh.....