Monday, February 2, 2009

Season 1, Episode 2: Miss Georgia Spirit

TLC is airing a new Toddlers and Tiaras episode tomorrow night (Tuesday February 3rd) -- a 60-minute feature starting at 10:00pm Eastern titled Miss Georgia Spirit:
This first annual pageant (held on November 1, 2008 at the Georgia Mountain Center in Gainesville, GA) brings in girls of all ages from all over Georgia, and range from full glitz to au naturale. All natural Kayleigh, competes with pageant pro Story, for the title, and it's not over until the recount!


Meg said...

I LOVED little Kayleigh and her family. I don't agree with putting your children in pageants, but If you are going to do it, THAT is the way to approach it. no make-up, no forcing your kid to do anything they don't want to do. She didn't want to wear the crinoline under her dress? then they didnt make her wear it. What a great family. I am glad she eventually won. it was great to see that even though she wasnt originally crowned the winner she didnt even care. And it was so cute when she was embarassed to be in a swimsuit in front of everyone. I am glad she was! she should be! Idk, It was just so refreshing to see a family like this.

Marleigh and her mother, on the other hand? That little girl never wanted to be there, that was clear. It was painful to watch.

Denise said...

Marleigh's (stupid) mother kept saying "the first time she says she doesn't want to do pageants, we will quit" and her bratty daughter SCREAMED through the whole show! What did she think the child was saying?

I liked Kayleigh too. I had never heard of "natural" pageants. How much nicer that was than the glitz garbage. Her family was loving and supportive. Did she put the crinoline back on?

Meg said...

Nope, Kayleigh was uncomfertable in the crinoline so her mom immediately let her take it off. Something that simple really made me respect that family.

Jenn said...

I also thought Kayleigh's family did a great job. They allow her to do the pageants because she really seems to enjoy it, and they don't allow her to wear makeup or spend a fortune on special clothing for her. It was just a little girl dressing up and having fun, and I found myself rooting for her from the beginning. That is how pageants should be, but unfortunately they usually are not.

With the exception of this one family all of the others portrayed seemed quite fanatic and over the top. I mean seriously, dressing a child in an $800 dress? Spending money on a coach and taking time out of your day for "smile practice"? That child looked miserable, and when she went on stage I was saddened to watch her wiggle around stage and try to play a part just right.

As for Marleigh, that poor child. She obviously did not want any part of the pageant. I mean when she was hitting her mother in the face on camera, the mother just pushed her had away and kept on talking. I think that is one mother who is trying to relive her pageant days through her child and it is a sad, sad situation.

Jessica and Greg said...

I wrote a post about this on my own blog, and happened to come across this one while doing an internet search. I'm glad that Kayleigh won in the end. She was a beautiful little girl and looked great the way she was. Once you start putting on all that makeup, it just doesn't look right. These girls will have plenty of time in the future for all that stuff. Just let them be as they are, they will grow up soon enough.

And poor Marleigh, she wanted nothing to do with it. And as a mother, why would you put yourself through that stress? Why force your daughter to do something she clearly does not want to do, or even understand what she is doing?

Why not use the $800 for a college fund, or something more useful?

Rose said...

I love how Marleigh's mother said she was having an "off day" when every clip showed her screaming, when she said she loves to practice (out in their huge yard) yet the kid refused to stand on the X. Wonder why her husband was at a game and not there with her? Then, she's going to be a sore loser and say she'd rather have been there with him instead of doing that with her daughter? Would she have said that if Marleigh had won?

I looked at the link in the original post for the info on the miss georgia spirit-it seems kinda...odd. Many misspellings and poor grammar. For ex:

:Full page adds are $30. If your add is not ready to go, :

It's ad, not "add". They used this misspell/misuse 4 times in one paragraph!


:There is no half pages:

is no, or are no?

:if your signed up for the pageant, expect a call from TLC. :

if your signed up or if you're signed up?

:There will be 2 people's choice winners. One for 0-9 and the second will be for 10-Ms. Start collecting votes now. Each votes is $1.:

each votes is 1 dollar? how about each vote? and, maybe I am pageant naive, but a peoples choice winner for whoever raises the most money? Please. popularity contest all the way.

and a few more errors like above, but I got tired of noting them all. That website does nothing to make them look professional or like the real deal at all.

Mary said...

I agree that if you must be involved in pageants, the way Kayleigh's family approached it was refreshing.
However, I was most intrigued by Story and her mother. I just felt so bad for the little girl because she was clearly too deep into this to know any better, and that was sad. Kayleigh's parents at least had a realistic approach to it, and Marleigh was clearly expressing her distaste for it.
But Story looked so trained as the pageant leader said and that was just sad and somewhat scary to me. It was like she had been brainwashed. What little girl is going to refuse having custom-made bathing suits and wearing expensive formal gowns and having their hair & make-up done? The mother is completely at fault for duping her into this behavior.
I found it saddest when her brother was "judging" her in their family room. Wow. What in the world is this teaching these YOUNG girls? I don't see any positive values these girls are taking away from these experiences. It certainly isn't self-esteem like the mothers portray it to be.
And I'm really disappointed with TLC for airing this show. The whole time I was wathcing it I was wondering how many people were tuning in and thinking "hey, pageants, what a great idea!" who otherwise wouldn't (and shouldn't)have thought of it.

Anonymous said...

There was an error in the 1st sentence! Any real event organiser knows that you NEVER have a "1st Annual anything"!
The correct term is Innagural btw.
2nd, 3rd, 4th...
Grammer nazis are one thing, but when you charge money & pay for an event, professionalisim is called-for.

Anonymous said...

Grammar nazi? If they are a professional organization, charging money to have people participate, they could present themselves professionally without such poor grammar and spelling on their website.

momof5 said...

I watched this epi only because it was here in GA. Not everyone in GA have names that end in -leigh. Nothing wrong with the name leigh/lee but it Marleigh, Kayleigh even Story with the "e" ending. Let's not forget Natalie-which is also my sister's name & glad that it's making a comeback but GEEZ!

Oh yeah if I had to hear Marleigh scream one more time....GGGRRRRR!!! If I wanted to hear a baby girl scream I would have gone downstairs.

Anonymous said...

My observations: The show does not seem to be placing a positive spin on the little-girl-pageant circuit - the episode I viewed (the special aired last year) did not glorify the pageant circuit.
The parents appear to be living vicariously through their children's pageant exploits.
The makeup, hair pieces and fake teeth placed on the little girls only create something terribly unattractive and sad - they lose all of their natural beauty. Such a pity that that the pageant afficionados - organizers, parents and judges cannot see this.

My Little Girl Is Beautiful said...

I already know that I have the most beautiful little girl who ever graced this planet - and I certainly feel no need to parade her in front of judges so they can tell me that I am right!

I agree that while I am completely against pageants, if you really want to do it, the way that Kayleigh's family approaches it is best. I loved their attitude about it, they were just so cool.

Watching this episode (the only one I've ever seen) just made me sad. I remember once flipping through a dr. phil episode and there was a pageant mom on telling her two year old that she wasn't pretty until she put on her make up. That just breaks my heart. Children are so beautiful. And the children in these pageants are all stunning - without makeup or fancy clothes (or disgusting fake teeth, that makes me want to puke!). I just don't understand what makes a parent want to teach a precious little girl that she isn't good enough just the way she is? What has to be wrong with the mother to do that to a little girl? We women have our whole lives to worry about how pale we are or bad hair days or mascara running. Why steal their childhood away with these worries? It's so sad.

That Story girl was the worst though. She was strutting out there in her two piece bathing suit like a cover model. It was disturbing.

Irish-Gal said...

The way Kayliegh's family handled the situation was definately the right way. I personally don't see a problem with pageants if it's what the CHILD wants to do for FUN. I really hate seeing little kids being dragged into ANY activity they don't like, whether it be baseball, dance, OR pageants. It's one thing if the parent wants their child to try it out by competing a few times, and then if they don't like it stop, but why continue if they hate it? I personally think it's like any other childhood activity: Go for it (and ONLY go or it) if it's what the child wants.

Maria said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was an error in the 1st sentence! Any real event organiser knows that you NEVER have a "1st Annual anything"!
The correct term is Innagural btw.


Actually, the correct spelling is INAUGURAL. Since you were pointing out errors ....

doodlecake81 said...

i think Story was really fake, she had a fake smile, and she didn't act like a little girl.

Jennifer said...

Marleigh's mother was pouting in the end and wishing she had gone to the football game with her husband. I think we ALL wished that she had done that. What is the matter with that woman? Clearly her daughter is not into it.

NJ Mom said...

These beauty pageants claim to instill confidence, poise and to "open doors" for the young girls who participate.

First of all the only ones who might get anything out of it are the ones whose parent(s) have the money.

Smart, talented and beautiful little girls who are poor or lack sufficient money are left out in the cold.

Its really only for those who can afford it. PERIOD. They might as well admit that no matter how beautiful, poised or talented your little girl is FORGET IT IF YOU ARE POOR !!!

It has NOTHING to do with self worth, a child's beauty or talent. Why else are the children made to parade wearing makeup, hairdo's and clothing that is not even close to age appropriate??!

I have NO RESPECT for these SPECTACLES and the only way I would believe it would do any good is if the following were true:

- Age appropriate hairdo's and clothing (no dying the hair, no hairspray, no extensions, etc...)
- The child's REAL natural beauty not being covered up with tons of makeup.
- How much or how fancy the clothing is should be irrelevant. It should only matter that the clothing is neat and clean. NOT how sparkly, poufy, glitzy, etc...
- Talent
- Poise and confidence on the stage

I just watched a show that broke my heart becuase the one little girl that entered came from very poor, hard working parents whose mother not only worked 2 jobs but could only afford clothing from Good Will for the little girl and this mother would sit up after working her 2 jobs to do the best she could with what she had to make outfits for her little girl. This little girl was truly beautiful and hands down should have won this pageant instead of the other little girl who wasn't even nearly as beautiful but whose mom had more than enough disposable income (she paid $400- for a glitzy, sparkley bikini) and was the makeup artist at the pageant who, having worked for years as the makeup artist at the pageants, also had PAGEANT FRIENDS to help out in taking photos, giving lessons, etc.. HOW IS THIS BENEFITTING A CHILD'S WORTH??? IT DOESN"T.

NJ Mom said...

* FAKE Tans
* FAKE Eyelashes
* FAKE Hair Extensions
* FAKE / DYED Hair Color
* Make Up Artists
* Make Up
* NO Over the Top dresses that only DISTRACT you from the child's beauty/natural appearance
* NO Heels over 1/2" - 3/4" high


Since when is FAKE considered real beauty????

Anonymous said...

I couldn't sit through the swimsuit competition segment. Kayleigh was HORRIBLY uncomfortable, which she clearly stated several times and was apparent in her body language. A little girl should not have to be "judged" while wearing a swimsuit and feeling uncomfortable. The damage...

MyGorgeousDaughter said...

I watched about 10 mins of the Georgia episode. That is the only time I have watched.
I am sorry to say this but it's true: in EVERY instance of any pageant "show" I have seen - this includes shows about it on Dr.Phil and the like, the mothers are FAT. !!!!
A few arent-- one of them on this show wasnt; the rest were pudgy or outright fat.
They are living vicariously thru these BABIES; if anyone does NOT see this, they are a dunce.
Also the " - leigh" names are getting to be too much .
And to "My Little Girl is Beautiful"--I am sure she is and you are a proud mom as it should be, as that is EXACTLY how I feel about MY little girl! The most gorgeous creature I have ever laid eyes on. Smart, too.

keeblerc said...

Loved Kayleigh and her family. They seem like down to earth, sensible people. I get the feeling that when Kayleigh says "no more," everyone will be fine and that will be that.

Marleigh on the other hand? I know small children can be a handful and the best thing for this situation would have been to call it a day--immediately!--and taken her home for a much-needed nap.

Story scared me. Seriously. Her walk was robotic and designed to maximize her wiggle potential. Far too adult. And the scene where she was meditating???? Please. If her parents want her to be less stressed out and more "zen," do Story a huge favor and trade the pageants in for some normal playing with other girls her age, running around and getting dirty outside, and encouraging her to use her real smile--which is far more appealing than that forced, fakey one she had on her face throughout.

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