Monday, February 9, 2009

Season 1, Episode 3: Universal Royalty State Pageant

TLC is airing a new Toddlers and Tiaras episode tomorrow night (Tuesday February 10th) -- a 60-minute feature starting at 10:00pm Eastern titled Universal Royalty State Pageant:
Austin, Texas is home of Universal Royalty's state pageant. Texas is a staple in the pageant world and the competition is sure to be fierce. The judging happens on stage while the drama ensues off stage as each mom tries to prove their baby is beautiful.


Sarah said...

I was surprised to see the two sisters who happen to live in an apartment. I did a bit of research and found statically, most parents who put their children in beauty pageants come from lower end income households. Since it is expensive to enter the pageants, etc...I'm sure they put it all on credit or make other sacrifices.

Jen said...

This wasn't new...this was the one they aired a few months ago, which is now referred to as the original special. At least, the one I watched when the new one was supposed to be on was the old one, although it was billed as new in the cable guide. It was the one with Karlee Hunt. Am I wrong?

doodlecake81 said...

i haven't heard of that. i have dish network and it has only aired as the 2nd show of todlers in tiaras. there has been rerunds but not any new ones until tuesday nights.

the little girl with the brown hair who used fake teeth held a fake smile when on stage and it seemed that she only did pagents because her mom likes them or maybe the mom makes her. what do you think?

abster said...

I always have and I always will believe that these pageants are for the moms, not the kids. Watch the idiotic moms in the audience, mouthing every word to a song their kid is singing.
Looks like NO FUN when you have fske teeth and pancake makeup, eyelashes like a cow....

OK so fast-forward 10 0r 12 years when they have all their trophies on the wall and all portraits of her are on every wall in the house, and piece of furniture- and shes NOT an only child!!!! OK you can see by now my daughter happened to meet one of these girls at school and was invited over "to see her trophies". My daughter told me this girl was so fake, her mother STILL doted on her to the point of obsession, the girl was continually checking her appearance, hsir, etc in IMHO this is what some of them turn out like!!!

Merriell said...

When has a little girl known enough about these ridiculous pageants to be able to tell her mom that she wants to be in one?

It is for the moms. Disgusting.

stopthemadness said...

I can see why some of the moms ilke it. They have a tendency to look like cows themselves and obviously have given up any idea of taking care of their own appearance and invested it in a 2-7 year old who now must get dressed up like Lady Astor's pony and "show her personality" by wearing gaudy crap that is totally false to their actual age, and imitating their obese mothers doing a choreographed routine that they had nothing to do with. And being made to feel like crap if they don't win the crown - the one show with the mom with 3 girls in pageants, two were 7 YO twins, she clearly preferred the one who was "pretty" and looked "like mama" and made the other wear a torn dress. The ugly duckling won some huge trophy and the brat sister still had the mother telling her, that she won. Disgusting.

You wonder how good the marriages are, of these women and I am sorry but dressing up tiny girls like show girls can have terrible consequences for the children being sexualized at such a young age... JonBenet ring any bells?

stopthemadness said...

TLC is really trash; their programming is appalling lately. Who watches this sh*t. I've seen it the one time (T&T) and was sitting with my mouth hanging open. Yet I am sure like Jon and Kate it will have its fans and people that will defend these mothers down to the ground no matter how badly they behave.

TLC needs to GET A CLUE. Talk about the dumbing down of America. When this is the best we can do for programming someone needs to go out and investigate some real things happening that are worth learning about - this is not it.

abbie said...

What really got me was when I read that one od the pagent mothers was TOLD her childs picture was making the rounds on the internet in pedophile sites, and she didn't care.
Yes, of course the whole production is for the moms, many were in padgents themselves growing up. What a horrible message to send to our young girls...its looks that matter...after all the years women have struggled to be seen as equals and persons with brains not just boobs, and along comes a generation of these padgent monstrosities. And in closing I would like to add that NOTHING is attractive about these sexualized kids, some of the girls are downright homely.
ok, off my soap box, and yes I do feel better.

Emi and Mike said...

this episode wasnt hhorrible... i would have to say i liked karlee best. her mom was nicer than a lot ive seen, and karlee seemed like a very sweet little ggirl. the one thing i didnt agree with was the tanning booth that thing bugged me. As for aja and brionna...that family gave me the creeps. they apear to be poor, the mothers are lesbians and this freaky dude named PJ comes over and designs dresses for the girls. I also think one of the moms was much too hard on the girls. As for bella, she and her mother both need to lose some weight. But other than that her mother wasnt terrible and she was a sweet girl. So, not a bad episode. I have nothing against child beauty pageants as long as the child is actually enjoying it.

abbie said...

I have nothing against pagents per se, but I hope these mothers are teaching their kids that there are other things to aspire to besides 'perfect' looks, etc, The last thing we need in this world is more dumb bimbos like the one who just posed for playboy, whatever her name was. Thought she was sooooo religious, why does she have a sex tape?

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